Information Regarding Fair Market Value of Shares
Distributed from the Disputed Claims Reserve

What is my tax basis/cost basis/value of the stock for the shares I received from the Disputed Claims Reserve?

If you received shares of American Airlines Group Inc. Common Stock (“AAG Stock”) from the In re AMR Corporation et al. Disputed Claims Reserve (“DCR”) pursuant to the Debtors’ Fourth Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan (ECF Nos. 10361, 10367, the “Plan”), the fair market value of the AAG Stock that you received will depend on when those shares were distributed.

If you received a “Direct Registration Book-Entry Advice” (an “AST Advice”) from American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, with respect to those shares, the fair market value of the AAG Stock at the time of each respective distribution from the DCR is set forth below:

Distribution Dates Fair Market Value
(price per share)
July 1, 2014 $42.96
November 4, 2014 $42.00
February 10, 2015 $46.53
July 14, 2015 $42.42
March 8, 2016 $42.13
August 29, 2017 $44.95
April 9, 2019 $33.88
February 25, 2020 $25.45

Payment of any applicable tax relating to the shares is your responsibility. You are encouraged to consult with a qualified tax advisor for questions regarding your specific tax treatment of shares (including but not limited to the specific computation of tax basis) received from the DCR. The foregoing information does not constitute tax, financial, or legal advice.

If you did not receive an AST Advice and you are an employee or former employee of American, please contact your union or other representative for more information. Otherwise, you may contact GCG at one of the addresses listed on the “Contact Us” Tab.